Resilience in the Mids of Crisis

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How will you protect my data and privacy?

The Tiatros technology platform was built to exceed all of the rigorous standards required to comply with HIPAA regulations. Our staff is trained to the same levels of excellence, and our company’s programs are approved for use at several major medical centers. Every new Tiatros participant agrees to uphold the values of Privacy, Empathy, and Cohesion during the registration process. Peer groups are facilitated with the highest privacy standards and psychological safety in mind. All discussions conducted by Tiatros participants remain exclusive to each peer group, and identifiable information is never shared with employers or outside parties. If you have any questions or concerns regarding your data and privacy, your Journey Guide is there to assist.

I’ve been placed in a peer group in which I do not feel comfortable, can I be reassigned to another peer group?

Yes, you can request that your Journey Guide place you in a different peer group or you can do so yourself with a click of a button. Please go to your profile page to request a change.

Do my colleagues know that I am enrolled?

You have been placed in a peer group with your colleagues. You are able to control how you appear to the group. For instance, you can choose a special name and skip uploading a profile picture if you prefer to remain anonymous. You can update these settings in your profile any time.

How much time is required of me?

Tiatros is designed so you can do as many or as few bite-sized chunks as you wish. Each activity requires about 20 minutes to complete. Your work automatically saves as you go, so you can always begin using the time you have and return when you have a few minutes to finish. Whatever time you are able to spend on a Journey will benefit your mental wellbeing. The more time, the bigger the benefit. We want you to engage with Tiatros programs however it is most helpful for you.

How long is the program?

The program is open for eight weeks, during which time you will be able to engage in bite-size Journeys that fit your individual needs and schedule. Some of our participants like to engage with an activity early in the morning to get centered before work, at the end of the work day to transition to home life, or on a work break to take some time for themselves. Others prefer to do their Journeys on the weekends when they have additional free time. Tiatros Journeys are designed for you to participate at whatever time is most beneficial to you.

What if I registered but I won’t be able to complete the work?

This program is intended to meet you where you are. If you start the program but cannot complete all of the Journeys, that is fine! Your Journey Guide is always available for support and guidance, and can help you navigate through as much or as little of the content as you wish to access and complete.

If you wish, you can request that your Journey Guide place you in a peer group that will become active on a future start date.

Can I participate in multiple Journeys at a time?

Journeys are designed to be taken one at a time so you really have the time and space for the deep inner work you're doing within each.

Why can I only participate in one Journey at a time?

Each Journey is designed to be an immersive experience where you can fully focus on learning a specific topic, one Journey at a time.

What happens when I finish my Journeys?

Head to your homepage to see what your guide has been posting in the channels and join in the comment section. You can continue to post in “Joyful Moments” and comment on what your peers are sharing. You can also review your past work and access content you’d like to revisit.

If I'm uncomfortable participating in my peer group, can I still engage in other parts of the program?

We understand that some people are less inclined to join a peer group, and that’s totally fine. In fact, studies demonstrate that there are plenty of benefits and increased mental wellbeing by engaging with the Tiatros platform without registering for a full program. Being a member of a peer group is, in itself, therapeutic. We know that the ability to connect with others during periods of crisis is especially important to everyone’s mental wellbeing. However, no one will be pressured or made to feel uncomfortable, and our Journey Guides will encourage Tiatros participants to engage in whatever capacity they find supports mental wellbeing.

More questions?

Feel free to reach out to your Journey Guide by clicking the "Ask Your Journey Guide" tab at the right side of the page.