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Frequently Asked


What does Tiatros mean?

Our name comes from the Classical Greek root iatro, which roughly translates to the English word for healing.

We placed this ancient word in-between a T for technology and S for social in order to represent our modern method for healing where peers on the same wellbeing journey can connect digitally anytime, anywhere.

What makes the Tiatros approach better?

What most distinguishes Tiatros’ approach is that your experience is a richly social one – no one is alone on the Tiatros platform except for when they prefer to be. Tiatros’ technology-enabled high-impact community interaction encourages you to engage with their peers, working asynchronously, and together, sharing experiences and practicing new CBT skills.

This social learning approach is an effective way to make meaningful and long-lasting relationship connections. These connections facilitate behavioral changes in our lives, which contribute to the foundation of a strong community and organizational culture.

Who are Journey Guides?

Your Journey Guides are social learning experts, typically holding a master’s or PhD-level training, who fulfill a unique and critical role in Tiatros’ approach to fostering lifelong mental wellbeing.

Journey Guides work closely with the clinical team. They curate educational content and other tools on the Tiatros platform, understanding participants' individual preferences and needs.

Journey Guides interact regularly with the members of each peer group. Your Journey Guide supports your full experience on the platform. Have a question, need support or guidance on a conversation? Just ask. Learning a new skill, taking a risk, feeling behind or overwhelmed? Your Journey Guide is here to support. Trust is the foundational building block of social interactions; all members are encouraged to build trust and a human connection with peers and their Journey Guide.

Journey Guides are also your contact to resolve any technical support issues

What is CBT?

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, or CBT, is an evidence-based psychotherapeutic treatment demonstrated to be effective for managing a range of conditions including depression, anxiety, substance use, marital and relational challenges, eating disorders and mental illness. Numerous research studies suggest that CBT leads to significant improvement in functioning and quality of life.

The Tiatros method uses CBT exercises and Social Learning Theory, along with other proven techniques in creating and sustaining emotional growth and change. It is not a substitute or replacement for psychotherapy or a relationship with a professional psychologist, psychiatrist or counselor.

How do I know the Tiatros method is credible?

Independent research psychiatrists and psychologists have published peer-reviewed scientific research studies that show Tiatros users improve their mental and physical health to the same degree as people who complete in-person psychotherapy.

Importantly, Tiatros interventions have been shown to increase levels of openness, dutifulness, trust, joy and other positive behavioral attributes that are closely associated with mental wellbeing, successful life-work balance, increased productivity, effective teamwork and creativity to increase significantly.

At the same time, levels of unhelpful behaviors, such as melancholy, immoderation (which correlates closely with substance abuse) and the propensity to stress, are reduced or entirely eliminated among Tiatros users.

How is Tiatros different from therapy?

Your program is based on CBT techniques and exercises and developed by Clinical Psychologists and Expert Facilitators. It is not a therapy session.

While you’re in your program, you’ll be able to reach out to your Journey Guide and your peers for immediate support related to all that you’re learning and experiencing together.

If you find you would benefit from greater support, please reach out to your Journey Guide. We will help you identify the resources that may be helpful to address your unique needs.

How much time does Tiatros take?

Each week you'll be offered a new session packed with psychoeducational videos, guided meditations, group discussions, tips and tools that you can immediately try out.

Each session takes between 45 and 65 minutes total to complete, depending on how deeply you want to engage with your program and peers.

Some participants are not sure they can commit 45-65 minutes to learning each week. We encourage participants to do what they can as consistently as they can. You may benefit from any level of involvement with your session activities and peer group discussions.

Some participants benefit from a few minutes a day on Tiatros while others like to spend hours each week engaging with their learning and peers.

For example, on any day you could spend time on these activities:

  • Watching psychoeducational videos from your Journey Guide: 10 mins
  • Responding to journaling prompts: 10-20 mins
  • Completing CBT exercises: 5-10 mins
  • Hearing real-life examples from Tiatros storytellers: 5 mins
  • Practicing guided meditation: 5 mins
  • Commenting on videos and articles shared to the Community Discussion: 5+ minutes
  • Commenting on your peers’ reflections: 5+ mins
  • Posting and commenting on photos and videos in your peer group gallery: 2+ mins

How do I register?

Please visit wellbeing.tiatros.com to begin the registration process. To prepare for your program, you'll be asked to:

  1. Create a secure account
  2. Complete your program’s Welcome Activities
  3. Meet your Tiatros peers

Please complete your program's Welcome Activities as soon as possible. In order to place you in a peer group, you must complete your Welcome Activities by the date communicated to you during registration.

Once you’ve completed registration and your Welcome Activities, you’ll receive your Welcome Badge.

Then, you may relax or continue to engage with your peers in the Community Discussion thread until your program start date.

While you're waiting, your Tiatros Journey Guide will place you in a group of your peers who chose the same start date as you.

On your start date, you’ll receive a message that it’s time to sign in and begin your full program.

How do I confirm my registration?

To confirm your registration, please keep an eye on your email. You'll receive confirmation emails from Tiatros throughout your registration process.

If you registered but are not seeing any emails from Tiatros, please check your spam folder. For further assistance, please email journeyguide@tiatros.com.

What if I register but I find out I can’t complete the program?

We'll meet you where you are. If you start the program and you find that it's not the right time, please reach out to your Journey Guide for options.

Who can see my personal information?

The privacy and security of the personal information that you share on the Tiatros platform is very important to everyone who works at Tiatros.

The first thing that you need to know is that we protect the confidentiality of your personal information by complying with HIPAA laws and regulations. ‘HIPAA’ refers, collectively, to The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996, which is the federal law that required the creation of national standards to protect sensitive patient health information from being disclosed without the patient's consent or knowledge, and the many patient data privacy and security laws and regulations that have been promulgated thereunder. This means that we maintain the confidentiality of your personal information with the highest degree of privacy and security enforced by the United States government.

The second thing that you need to know is that we never share your personal information with your employer. The periodic reports that we provide your employer contain only aggregated, de-identified data that summarizes its workforce’s usage, performance and outcome metrics.

Here’s what your PEERS will see:

  • The name and image that you choose to display.
  • Your group messages, photo and video posts, and comments you make in discussion threads.
  • Any personal reflection work that you’ve opted in to share. To opt out of sharing any personal reflection work, you’ll uncheck this checkbox.
  • Checked
    When the box is unchecked, your work remains private to you and your Journey Guide.

Here’s what your PEERS will NOT see:

  • Your demographic information
  • Any personal reflection work you’ve opted to keep private to your Journey Guide
  • Your responses to any program assessment and measure you’ve taken

Here’s what your JOURNEY GUIDE will see:

  • Your demographic information (your Journey Guides will not disclose this information)
  • Your group messages, narratives, CBT exercises, activity responses, photos, videos, posts and the comments that you make on your peers’ posts
  • Any 1:1 messages, photos, videos, etc. that you share only with your Journey Guide
  • Your responses to any program assessment and measure you’ve taken

Here’s how Tiatros uses the personal information that you provide about yourself:

  • To optimize your individual user experience on the Tiatros platform in various ways, e.g., to inform the recommendations that your Journey Guide will provide to guide you toward specific content, exercises, meditations and tools on the Tiatros platform that we believe are likely to be relevant and relatable to you.
  • To improve the Tiatros platform, the Tiatros interventions, the Tiatros user experience, Tiatros’ user benefits and outcomes and, more generally, to advance the field of digital mental wellbeing and social support interventions pursuant to the conduct of professionally-managed research studies and the reporting of empirical finding in scientific presentations and publications.

Tiatros may also use non-identifiable snippets taken from the writings that you share on the Tiatros platform and the feedback that you share with us in various ways, e.g., by publishing them on the Tiatros website, including them in our marketing materials and employer reports, and incorporating them into scientific presentations and publications. Tiatros will never attribute a snippet taken from your writings or feedback to you without first obtaining your written permission.

If you have any concerns or questions about how the Tiatros team protects the privacy and security of the personal information that you share on the Tiatros platform, please email us at privacyandsecurity@tiatros.com. We will respond to you promptly.

Why do we ask if you or your partner are pregnant?

We ask every Tiatros user if they or their life partner are pregnant during registration for a specific reason—it helps us optimize their individual Tiatros experience.

People who are pregnant have all of the same stressors that the rest of us have, and they have the additional stressors of being pregnant during the pandemic.

We think a great deal about what we can do to optimize the Tiatros experience for users who are experiencing this very special time in life. For example, we do our best to provide peer group communities that will give them a rich social support experience, optimized facilitation and a better overall user experience.

That said, we will never reveal to anyone that you or your partner are pregnant. That’s news for you to share —or not.

What are helpful Tiatros terms to know?

Here are some helpful Tiatros terms to know:

  • Tiatros Community: At Tiatros, you’re part of a larger whole working toward mental wellbeing! Your Tiatros Community includes anyone from your organization who’s signed up for a Tiatros program.
  • Peer Group: You will be placed in a group with peers who chose the same start date as you.
  • Session: Each session includes a collection of CBT exercises, meditations, expertly crafted educational content and other tools meant to help you learn about, and practice skills related to, a particular topic, for example “Having A Difficult Conversation.”
  • Community Discussion: This is the common discussion thread where your Journey Guide will post extra resources and pose questions upon which you and your Tiatros peers will reflect
  • Video Discussion: The group will reflect on what we’ve learned from a specific video, together, in the Video Discussion.
  • Photo and Video Gallery: This is the space within your peer group where you and your peer group members can share moments from your daily lives to build a sense of community and camaraderie.
  • Peer Share: This is the space within your peer group where you can see and comment on the reflections your peers have shared during each session.

What are Welcome Activities? Why do I have to do them?

Whether it’s your first time with Tiatros or your hundredth, your Welcome Activities introduce you to the Journey Guides for your program, connect you with your intention and goals for taking the program and introduce you to your peers.

We begin with intention and connection because our intentions help us decide what we want to gain from our programs and our connections are the social support that help us learn and grow together.

How do I navigate the platform and my Welcome Activities before my program starts?

Start by signing in here. Once you're signed in, you'll see your home dashboard and the Welcome Activities you need to complete before being placed in a peer group. These Welcome Activities help you get to know Tiatros, introduce you to your Journey Guide and peers and help you connect with the intention that brought you to Tiatros.

You may complete your Welcome Activities in any order you choose, just be sure to finish them as soon as possible so we can put you into a peer group for your preferred start date.

If you do not complete your Welcome Activities, we cannot place you into a peer group and your start date will be delayed.

How do I navigate the platform once my program has started?

Start by signing in here. Once you're signed in, you'll see your home dashboard. Your dashboard displays notifications from your peers and your Journey Guide, program updates, your current session, your program's community discussion channel and your assigned peer group's photo and video gallery.

To get to your program videos and exercises, simply click the “Go” button, where you see “Continue Your Journey” or the “Sessions” link and icon at the top of your page.

To view a peer’s profile, click their image from your home dashboard or check out their information through the hamburger menu by selecting “Your Programs” and “Your Peer Group”.

To access the “Community Discussion” and the “Photo and Video Gallery”, scroll down the page.

If you need help finding anything, please message your Journey Guide; they are happy to support you!

How does Tiatros protect my data and privacy?

The Tiatros technology platform exceeds all of the rigorous standards required by HIPAA regulations. We are proud to be HITRUST Certified. Our products are approved for use at major medical centers.

Our Tiatros team is trained to the same levels of privacy and excellence.

We emphasize that peers protect each other's privacy. All discussions conducted by Tiatros participants are to remain exclusively within the peer group. Identifiable information is never shared with employers or outside parties.

What happens when I finish my program?

After your program finishes, you can join another Tiatros program by messaging your Journey Guide. Together, you’ll determine which program will be the best fit.

In between programs, you’ll stay connected with your Tiatros peers by accessing ongoing posts and conversation in the Community Discussion. You’ll be able to review what you learned and all the work you completed in your sessions, as well as view your badges and download your Certificate of Completion.

If I'm uncomfortable participating in my peer group, can I still engage in other parts of the program?

Yes. You're placed in a peer group to provide as much support as you would like. If you prefer to work alone or to keep discussions between you and your Journey Guide, that is fine.

Our studies indicate that participants benefit from their programs whether they engage fully with their peers or keep more to themselves and their activities.

We find that participants gain value from the relationships they build within Tiatros. Being a member of a peer group is, in itself, therapeutic, as we know that connection is especially important for mental wellbeing.

Tiatros® Four Keys to Mental Wellbeing

What is the Tiatros® Four Keys to Mental Wellbeing Program?

This Tiatros program is a four-session introduction to the Four Keys of Mental Wellbeing: The Peer Connection, The Growth Mindset, The Strength of Your Story and The Resilient Community. We chose these four keys because they reflect the four psychological domains that impact mental wellbeing.

  • The Peer Connection: Learn why the community is such a powerful driver of your personal wellbeing
  • The Growth Mindset: Learn how to cultivate positive attitudes and approaches necessary for your long-term growth.
  • The Strength of Your Story: Learn why the practice of telling stories can have such a profound impact on your future wellbeing.
  • The Resilient Community: Learn how you can continue serving as an advocate for community wellbeing.

What will I do in my program?

Your Tiatros program is an expertly curated selection of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) exercises, group discussions, meditations, journaling prompts and psychoeducation videos that explain the science behind how your brain and emotions work. All of your learning in this program will relate back to the key drivers of wellbeing to help you develop your personal wellbeing practice.

As part of a peer group, you can interact with your built-in support system as much or as little as feels right for you. We invite you to comment on the reflections shared by your peers and bond over posts in our Community Discussion thread. You can share real-life moments with your peers through your peer group’s dedicated Photo and Video Gallery.

How long is my program?

Your Tiatros program has four learning sessions that you'll have four weeks to complete.

How much time will my program take each week?

Each session takes between 45 and 65 minutes total to complete depending on how deeply you want to engage with your program and peers.

Some participants are not sure they can commit 45-65 minutes to learning each week. We encourage participants to do what they can as consistently as they can. You may benefit from any level of involvement with your session activities and peer group discussions.